Aircraft Maintenance Software AMS was initially developed in 1990. It has been proofed as a dedicated solution to aircraft maintenance companies. AMS development spanned various platforms to keep track of the available latest technology and is now available in a web based platform.

The aim of the AMS program is to take care of all the administrative tasks associated with an aircraft maintenance company. These tasks covers the handling and tracking of store parts. Allocating labour and costs of subcontracted Services to Work Packs. Automatically preparing various reports required in the industry, saving the user time and eliminating errors. Development was done by experienced people involved in the aviation industry ensuring an product that complies to the industry requirements.

Easy and logical menu type interface ensures that the program is user friendly and data can be maintained easily. Apart from reducing the administrative load on the AMO, users are now in a position to keep track of all activities in the ompany. Users can ensure that all spares and labour have been allocated to a Work Pack and invoicing can therefore be done accordingly.

AMS is widely used in the industry in Southern Africa and is accepted a standard in the small to medium sized aviation maintenance companies, due the easy user interface and the affordability of the program. Use of the program has also spread outside South Africa and support has been build in for a number of other countries.

New Subscriptions

The web based AMS system is normally available in an off-site hosted format to interested subscribers. This has the advantage of on-line access, not linked to any specific location.

Users with sufficient intranet structures can however install and maintain the system on a local server with the minimum requirements.